Lucky 8 is written by Michael Young. Michael thinks it’s pretentious to write in the third person, so here’s my abridged life story in the first.

I was born in D.C., but lived in a small town called Somerset in Maryland. I attended the Washington International School for high school and I’m currently an Economics major at Stanford.

I’m very interested—some would call it an obsession—in entrepreneurship. My first experience as an entrepreneur was starting a fence-building company with my buddy, Ben, as a sophomore in high school. It was a lot of fun and it taught me two things: the true value of money and how to sell both a product and a service.

These days I’m focused on high-tech entrepreneurship, particularly Internet entrepreneurship. I’m not a programmer, but I do know enough about client-side design (CSS, XHTML, Javascript) to make relatively attractive v1 sites. Poor design and confusing UI’s hurt my soul. That said, I prefer to focus on the business side of things, particularly the way companies approach marketing, business development, and strategic decisions.

I’m always interested in hearing about and helping new ventures.


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