Grand Central Will Get Really Annoying

March 18, 2007

O’Reilly is singing the praises of Grand Central, a new service that claims to give you a “one [phone] number, for life.” The gist of it is that you give them all of your phone numbers (cell, work, home, etc.) and when someone calls your Grand Central number it calls all of those other numbers so that you never miss a call. The service has some other neat features too, but I think it’s going to get annoying, here’s why: People have different numbers for a reason, and a good reason. One’s home number is generally for calls unrelated to work. What happens when all of your work calls starting ringing at home too? Annoyance. What happens when all of your home calls start ringing at work? More annoyance.

The system would be great if people lived in their own isolated worlds, but most people don’t. We live and work in environments with other people who either use the same phones or have to hear them ring. Do you want to be getting your wife’s phone calls at work or on your cell phone? Probably not. Your wife probably doesn’t either. Would my parents or dormmates really want to hear the phone ring every time my girlfriend calls my cell phone? I doubt it.

It’s kind of like information overload for email, but each message comes with a ring tone attached.

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